Episode 11: “Excruciating Joy and Soaking” with Kari Shipman


Today I talk with the wonderful Kari Shipman. Kari is a mom to one baby girl, and the owner and creative director of Juniper James whose tagline is “Fashion Moving People Forward.” Kari is also the official and exclusive stylist for Kidaround Magazine. In this episode we talk about how she had to slow down her crazy work schedule before becoming a mom, her passion for helping people and especially new moms and about realizing how much the little stuff ceases to matter after becoming a parent. She also gives some neat ideas for memory keeping during pregnancy and throughout baby’s first year. Enjoy!

You can find Kari’s work with Juniper James here. I love her concept of “Maternal Maven Makeovers”

Check out her styling work at Kidaround Magazine.

She’s on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Episode 10: “Earth Shattering Love and Soul Crushing Boredom” with Elizabeth Laime

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Today I chat with the amazingly talented Elizabeth Laime of the Totally Married and Totally Mommy podcasts and formerly of the now defunct Totally Laime podcast.  I was so excited to have her on, as her podcasts are two of my absolute favorites that I look forward to every week. She is mom to one baby girl who just over a year old, a comedy writer and wife to Andy who is a record producer. She and Andy host their weekly Totally Married Podcast while she co-hosts Totally Mommy with a different mom friend each week.

In this episode we discuss her experience having her first birth at the Del Mar Birth Center in Pasadena, what led her to switch from an OB/GYN to a Midwife and all of the extreme feelings that come along with the first year of motherhood. We also talk about the benefits of prenatal couples counseling and that although the identity shift that takes place during the first year is a massive one, you WILL get your identity mojo back, in time.  Elizabeth is wonderful and hilarious and I think you will really enjoy this episode!

You can find out more about her and about her podcasts at www.totallylaime.com

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Episode 9: The Freedom From Having The Confidence to Mother Alone with Kristen Tenini

Today I chat with Kristen Tenini. Kristen is a mom of TWIN one-year-old girls. She is formerly a hospice social worker, but once they found out they were expecting twins, her and her husband decided to have her stay at home and she loves being home with her daughters. In this episode we discuss the challenges she faced as a first time mom of twins, and her experience in the NICU. We also talk about the benefits of telling your loved ones about your pregnancy early on and the freedom that can be found when you learn the confidence to do things by yourself while caring for young children. Kristen was a delight to talk with and I really think her insights resonate, whether you are a mom of a singleton, twins or more! Enjoy!

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Episode 8: How Birth is Preparation for the Unpredictability of Motherhood With Tashina Benning, Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator


Today I talk with the lovely and passionate Tashina Benning. Tashina is a birth doula and childbirth educator. She is mom to an 8-year-old and a 2-year-old. We talked about her transition from marketing work to birth work and about her very different birth stories with her two kids. She reminds us of the importance of childbirth education, choosing your birth facility and the power of a village of friends to support you during postpartum and beyond. One of my favorite things she says is when it comes to guests during postpartum, we should follow this rule: “If you come over, bring something. If you stay, do something.” Enjoy!

You can find more information about Tashina at her website: http://www.indulgentbirth.com/

The International Caesarean Awareness Group can be found here.

The Business of Being Born and Orgasmic Birth  documentaries were also referenced.

Finally, here is the link for the Sacramento Birth Community Group

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Episode 7: The Importance of Checking in With Your Partner with Catherine O’Brien, MFT


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Today I talk with Marriage and Family Therapist, Catherine O’Brien. Catherine is a mom of a 6 year old and almost 2 year old. She is incredibly passionate about helping new parents and helping couples strengthen their relationships when adding a new baby to the family. She helps clarify the difference between all the different postpartum mood disorders as well as the risk factors. We also talk about how she got into working with the postpartum demographic and she shares advice for couples to help with this transition, including making time for each other and information about the Gottman relationship institute. Her information is so helpful and her passion and support is contagious! Enjoy!

  • If you are interested in Catherine’s Sacramento New Mom Connections Meetup Group, you can check it out here.
  • Catherine also has classes locally including “Mine, Yours, Ours: A relationship survival guide for baby’s first year.” This takes place at Herself Moms. 

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Episode 6: You ARE a Good Mom, “Don’t go on the internet” and Friendship in the Postpartum Year with Pam Hart

Today I talk with my dear friend Pam Hart. Pam is a register dental assistant and has one son, Benjamin who is my daughter Clare’s birthday twin. She also has two French Bulldogs and a kitty. I really enjoyed chatting with her about her postpartum story. She is incredibly encouraging about how calm and wonderful birth can be. We talk about how important other mom friends can be during the postpartum year and also about how all of your friendships change and shift as your life goes through the huge change of becoming a parent.

We also talked about these two songs: “You’re Gonna Miss This” and “It Won’t Be Like This For Long” that pretty much sums up our combined feelings on this postpartum year.

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Episode 5: “You Don’t Have To Struggle Alone” with Nataly Bates, Birth Doula


Today I interview the doula I had for my birth with Clare, Nataly Bates. Nataly is a Birth Arts International trained birth doula. She is also a Hypnobabies certified hypnodoula and is rebozo certified. Nataly is also mom to two wonderful children. In this episode, Nataly and I talk about the importance of support, both during childbirth and after. Nataly talks about why she decided to become a birth doula and how different her postpartum stories were with each child. We also discuss chiropractic care and postpartum depression and the importance of finding and asking for help when you need it. Enjoy!

You can find out more about Nataly on her website here.

You can also find her on Facebook here.

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Episode 4: “You’re Not Alone” – Working Mama Community & The Importance of Birth Doulas with Kelsey Wharton


I was so excited to chat with Kelsey Wharton of the Girls Next Door Podcast for this episode. I feel like we are such kindred spirits and we could have talked for so much longer. I hope to have her on the podcast again in the future.

Kelsey is a science writer for Arizona State University, a blogger at RisingShining.com, and a podcaster on the Girls Next Door Podcast. She is a mom of two boys – her second was just a month old when we recorded.

In this episode we talk about the transition from maternity leave to going back to work full time, postpartum blues and the importance of birth doulas. We also chat about the e-course that Kelsey is working on called Radiant Mamas. This will be a course geared towards bringing community and supporting working moms. Thank you SO much Kelsey for coming on!

Check out the Girls Next Door Podcast here.

Read Kelsey’s Blog here.

You can also connect with Kelsey on Twitter and Instagram.

**The website Kelsey mentioned for setting up a food train for new moms was Food Tidings.

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Episode 3: Sarah R. Bagley and the motherhood identity shift and confidence during postpartum


Today we talk with Sarah R. Bagley, the host of the Sarah R. Bagley Podcast. Sarah is a blogger, podcaster, group fitness instructor and part time working mom of two – with a new baby on the way! On her podcast Sarah interviews guests about pushing past perfection and on what living a “B+” life looks like for them. During our episode Sarah and I talk about piece-mealing a work/life balance together once you have children, the identity shift that comes with going from working full time to being a mom. We also discuss the importance of finding a good pediatrician, how unexpected the loneliness of postpartum can be, prenatal and postpartum exercise and the importance of confidence during the postpartum period. Sarah is a joy to talk to and her confidence is sure to inspire. Enjoy!

You can find Sarah’s blog here.

You can listen to Sarah’s podcast here. 

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Episode 2: “You’re doing it right.” With Emilie Beecroft, Postpartum Doula.


Today we chat with Emilie Beecroft. Emilie is a postpartum doula, lactation consultant assistant and mom to two. Her children are 4 ½ and 2 1/2 . We chat about how Emilie decided to pursue becoming a postpartum doula, what a postpartum doula does and why a new mom might want to hire one and about some really helpful resources for new moms, both locally in our Sacramento area and more generally. When the weather gets nice again, Em will be hosting her monthly postpartum in the park moms groups here in Sacramento. You can follow her facebook page for more updates. She also hosts new moms groups at Java Mama here in Folsom twice per month on the first and third Tuesday. My favorite part of the interview was what she would tell a new mom – “You’re Doing It Right.”   Enjoy the show!

You can find Emilie’s website here.

Follow her on Facebook here. 

Emilie is also a member of the Capital City Doula collective.


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