Episode 9: The Freedom From Having The Confidence to Mother Alone with Kristen Tenini

Today I chat with Kristen Tenini. Kristen is a mom of TWIN one-year-old girls. She is formerly a hospice social worker, but once they found out they were expecting twins, her and her husband decided to have her stay at home and she loves being home with her daughters. In this episode we discuss the challenges she faced as a first time mom of twins, and her experience in the NICU. We also talk about the benefits of telling your loved ones about your pregnancy early on and the freedom that can be found when you learn the confidence to do things by yourself while caring for young children. Kristen was a delight to talk with and I really think her insights resonate, whether you are a mom of a singleton, twins or more! Enjoy!

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Episode 3: Sarah R. Bagley and the motherhood identity shift and confidence during postpartum


Today we talk with Sarah R. Bagley, the host of the Sarah R. Bagley Podcast. Sarah is a blogger, podcaster, group fitness instructor and part time working mom of two – with a new baby on the way! On her podcast Sarah interviews guests about pushing past perfection and on what living a “B+” life looks like for them. During our episode Sarah and I talk about piece-mealing a work/life balance together once you have children, the identity shift that comes with going from working full time to being a mom. We also discuss the importance of finding a good pediatrician, how unexpected the loneliness of postpartum can be, prenatal and postpartum exercise and the importance of confidence during the postpartum period. Sarah is a joy to talk to and her confidence is sure to inspire. Enjoy!

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Episode 2: “You’re doing it right.” With Emilie Beecroft, Postpartum Doula.


Today we chat with Emilie Beecroft. Emilie is a postpartum doula, lactation consultant assistant and mom to two. Her children are 4 ½ and 2 1/2 . We chat about how Emilie decided to pursue becoming a postpartum doula, what a postpartum doula does and why a new mom might want to hire one and about some really helpful resources for new moms, both locally in our Sacramento area and more generally. When the weather gets nice again, Em will be hosting her monthly postpartum in the park moms groups here in Sacramento. You can follow her facebook page for more updates. She also hosts new moms groups at Java Mama here in Folsom twice per month on the first and third Tuesday. My favorite part of the interview was what she would tell a new mom – “You’re Doing It Right.”   Enjoy the show!

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Episode 1: Lesley Miller on the Importance of Slowing Down and Counseling during the Postpartum Year


In the inaugural episode of the Postpartum Podcast, I speak with Lesley Miller of the blog Barefooton45th. She is also the editor of Kidaround magazine, wife to Jonathan and mom of two. In this episode we talk about how her first postpartum year was rocked by her husband’s cancer diagnosis, how different her postpartum period looked like with her second child, the importance of slowing down during your postpartum year, rest, and listening to your instincts. Lesley also talks about how helpful counseling can be and overcoming her struggles with anger during the newborn period. Her honesty is inspiring and I thank her so much for sharing her story!

A blog post of hers that we discussed was her post called “Dear Mom of a Newborn.”

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